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Crypto / Fiat Education

We really appreciate your interest in our cryptocurrency trading course. As stated earlier, our cryptocurrency course is a professional program which is designed to position you in the right path in your journey towards harnessing the enormous financial opportunities in the cryptocurrency space.

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This course is a one month program and will be taken three times a week via skype, live youtube channel, zoom and other webinar platforms depending on your choice. One on one classes are also available.

Upon completion of the course, you will enjoy continuous partnership with Jeks Crypto Trading Institute by, receiving daily trade signals from major cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe telling you when to buy or sell a certain coin. You will also receive alerts on life changing ICOs and other vital tips necessary for your financial success in the cryptocurrency space.

Our Program Outline is as below:

1) The History of money (How it all started, where we are today and the worlds future currency)
2) Investment Opportunities in the cryptocurrency space and how to access them.
3)Advantages of Cryptocurrency over Fiat system.
4)Relationship Between cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology.

1) How to make short-term, mid-term and long-term investment in the cryptocurrency space for maximum profit.
2) A walk-through on how to create a secured wallet for bitcoin and other alt-coins in their respective blockchains.
3) How to setup a secured account in numerous cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe.

1) How to trade Bitcoin and other alt-coins on major exchanges like bittrex, binance, GDAX, CEX.io etc.using key market indicators to predict market direction. You will also learn how to make money daily trading cryptocurrencies on your smart phone.
2) Introduction to Forex Trading, Options Trading and how to apply profitable Technical and Fundamental analysis into your trading.
3) Introduction to Etherium blockchain and Dapps, Smart Contract and Decentralized Finance.

1) How to identify social engineering related attacks.
2)How to differentiate between scams and genuine blockchain projects crowd funding, popularly known as ICOs and others
3)How to predict the future price of any cryptocurrency using its daily trade volumes, circulating supply and market capitalization.

We organize our introductory webinar on a daily basis as a way of ushering our incoming students into our trading program. We will be glad if you join in our introductory webinar by simply contacting us via our email or phone number indicating the DATE and TIME you will be free to attend our introductory webinar.


Take a bold step today and enjoy the numerous financial opportunities in the cryptocurrency space.